Company Infomation

Athena Technologies Inc. is a consortium, which is comprised of several U.S. private equity funds and credit guarantee companies. Headquarters is located in Los Angeles, California, USA and the chairman of the board is Mr. John Gong. Athena Technologies’ current focus is on China-U.S. trade relations and e-business networks. This e-commerce platform will assist businesses around the world to reduce transactional costs and establish a B2B (Business-to-Business) direct sales model. This platform is specialized to fit small and medium sized companies. Athena Technologies is a bridge between Chinese and U.S. commerce. It has a vertical, three-dimensional sales model connected with e-commerce networks and real markets. Athena Technologies Inc. offers all aspects of international trade services in the U.S. This includes providing exhibition of products, locating office spaces, distribution of products, establishing relations with U.S. marketing agencies, displaying products on-line, real market sales, secure transactional processes, legal aid, and immigration affairs for Chinese manufacturers.

Our services offer Chinese manufacturers a secure and convenient trading environment. We are also dedicated support these manufactures to promote their products internationally. Athena Technologies will channel numerous resources to promote this new type of international e-commerce platform into the world. By utilizing Athena’s associations with television stations, social networks, call centers, exhibitions, tradeshows, magazines and other publications, we assure that each member will successfully sell their products and technology to the whole world.